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The Fine Line Between Belief and Knowledge: A Professional Perspective

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

"I believe, I know."

"I know. I believe."

This sentiment is echoed in almost every subject of society, and it's a concept that has always intrigued me. I often find myself going back and forth on this topic, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Believing involves holding a conviction or acceptance of something as true, even in the absence of concrete evidence. Knowing refers to having factual information or evidence about something that is true and verifiable. Take, for example, the age-old advice: "You never talk about Sports, Politics, or Religion." These topics are often linked to emotional responses and can get a bit hectic in conversations.

In my professional career, I've had some of my best conversations about these subjects. Sports, for instance, are relatively easy to discuss. I remember debating with a colleague about who would win the NBA finals. I believed it would be the Lakers because of their track record, while he knew, based on current statistics, that the odds were in favor of the Bucks. This was a classic case of belief versus knowledge.

Politics, on the other hand, can be a muddy field. I recall a heated discussion with a co-worker during the last presidential election. I believed a candidate would bring about positive change, but my co-worker knew, based on voting patterns and polls, that the odds were against me. It was an emotionally charged conversation that ended with us agreeing to disagree.

Religion is perhaps the most complex of the three. I've had conversations where I believed in the power of faith, while others knew, based on their understanding of religious texts, that certain events were predestined. These conversations were often the most challenging but also the most enlightening.

However, not all discussions have been positive. There have been instances where the conversation wasn't beneficial, either personally or professionally. The key is to approach these topics with an open mind, willing to shift from belief to knowledge and vice versa.

I consider those the "Classic 3". They are the easiest subjects to apply Knowledge and Belief towards.

Now we approach the issues at a larger scale and the "Belief vs Knowledge" in the real world. I will just supply the scenario in which I personally went through.

I have been discussing this particular subject now it seems like for years. Specifically in the realm of Softball. The team I had coached was undeniable, yet they were so young and tiny to everyone else. So the belief of the opposing teams were that they were going to crush us out of the gate.

Now, see that's what they "believed". I knew was for a fact that none of the teams we were going to play and/or "Utilized" the staff to run bases on the girls, like I would.

I would make it fun... I'd talk trash, tell them "Stop sucking, Stop Sippin the Bum Juice". Play at the maximum level I could and not let up at all. . So my team "knew" they were ready.

Over that span of a few years they were able to achieve over 15 championship appearances, 2 State titles, 1 National Berth and of course bragging rights for the rest of their natural born life!!!

So, the next time you find yourself in a conversation about sports, politics, or religion, ask yourself:

Do I believe this, or do I know this?

Understanding the difference can not only enrich your conversations but also help you navigate complex topics in your professional life.

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